Swedish  Massage   -  $60   /    $80   /    $110

A full 1 hour, 90 minute or 2 hour gentle massage designed to get the blood circulating, bringing oxygen to tired  and stressed muscles, leaving you with feeling of well being.

Deep Tissue Massage  -  $75   /    $95

1 hour or 90 minute massage targeting adhesions within the fascia that build up over time from repetitive motion, stress or lack of movement.

Hot Stone Massage-  $100   /   $130

1 hour or 90 minutes of pure heated bliss.  Heated stones are used to quickly reach deeper muscle tissue resulting in an incredibly relaxing massage.

Sports Massage  -  $120

90 minute treatment, excellent for athletes of all levels. Includes a full Swedish, assisted stretching & Myo-Fascial Release to increase range of motion, aid in healing of muscles before and after activity.

Reflexology  -  $80

1 hour tailored to your needs massage combining Swedish and treatment of the hands, feet and face.

Pre-Natal Massage  -  $70

A full hour of pampering for the mom to be.  Gentle massage with Lavender Aromatherapy specifically designed for gentle relaxation, using side lying positions and comfortable pillows.

Reflexology  (Hands & Feet)  30 min. -  $40

ADD - ON's 

Aromatherapy $5           Peppermint Scalp Massage $10            Cold Stone Facial $15


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