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  • Is Massage strictly considered as a form of pampering?

  • Should I keep my appointment if I don't feel well?

  • What happens if I don't show up for my appointment?

  • Should I tip my massage therapist?

  • Why do many massage chains require a membership

  • Do you take insurance?

  • Do you get doctor referrals?

  • Do you perform offsite services?

  • How can I have regularly scheduled services at a great price?

  • Do you offer facials?

70 % of consumers since 2018 believe that massage therapy should be a form of health care.

No! You will feel worse as a result, and you can make your therapist and others sick as well. Call to reschedule at the first indication of getting sick.

Always call to reschedule.

​Gratuities are always appreciated and although they are not mandatory, they make up a large part of a therapists income.

The memberships are designed to lock you in and keep you from trying other options. We will match the prices that they offer to members. This way you have nothing to lose!

We do not take insurance at this time.

We have been referred by doctors as a form of pain management.

We are open to events that require us to provide offsite. Call to inquire.

Ask about our VIP Program!

​We will be offering facials very soon!