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Serenity Within

Serenity Within Therapeutic Massage

1617 Rt. 88 W. Suite 205 

 Brick, New Jersey  08724


Relaxation  Massage
Deep Tissue
Hot Stone Massage
Sports Massage
Pre-Natal Massage
Myofascial Release 
Couples Massage
Cranial Sacral
Scalp Treatment
Foot Treatment
Cold Stone Facials
Face Mask 

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Welcome!  Here are a few of our specialties...

​​Relaxation Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Take advantage of our fabulous 90 or 60 minute Swedish Relaxation Massage. You won't regret it!.

Take time out for a lavish, soul warming Hot Stone massage  treatment. Escape from winter, and leave your cares behind. You can't go wrong!